Week 3 medication list

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Week 3 medication list

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Dvorak, MS, and Martin J. Affilations Aurora Health Care Dr. Hatlie Address correspondence to: The objective of this project was to evaluate the efficacy of patient-centered strategies implemented in a community-based setting to improve the accuracy of the medication list in the outpatient setting.

We conducted a quasi-experimental trial using two waves of cross-sectional data from patients aged 55 years or older conducted in five Aurora Health Care clinics in Walworth County, WI.

Interventions included education, personal medication lists, and medication bags. The primary outcome measure was the rate of accurate medication lists in the intervention clinics compared with a group of 68 control clinics.

A community-based initiative providing tools and resources for patient engagement can improve the accuracy of the outpatient medication list. Introduction As the rate of Week 3 medication list use continues to grow among Americans, medication safety has become a major concern for both patients and providers.

Over 60 percent of U. The reported rate of medication errors and ADEs varies widely, depending on the care setting and the methods used to measure them, with growing evidence that errors and ADEs are common in the ambulatory setting. A key strategy recommended by national and international patient safety experts is to engage patients in the medication process through a collaborative relationship with their provider.

Research shows that patient-centered care can enhance outcomes of care, patient adherence to medication regimens, chronic disease outcomes, and patient satisfaction.

The aim of this project was to develop and implement patient-centered strategies to improve medication list accuracy. A community-based advisory council was established to assist in identifying relevant strategies for patients. Through a collaborative process involving patients, providers, and community members, medication safety tools were created and disseminated throughout the community.

The primary interventions focused on patient medication self-management tools.

Week 3 medication list

Secondary interventions addressed the redesign of the medication process for providers in the outpatient setting. This study evaluated the effectiveness of these interventions by measuring the rate of accuracy in the medication lists in the medical records of outpatient clinics over a 2-year period, compared with a control group of clinics.

Additional qualitative measures included patient, provider, and community surveys. Aurora Health Care is a large, integrated health care system that includes 13 hospitals, over 75 clinics, retail pharmacies, and a visiting nurse program. The physician staff includes approximately employed and over 3, affiliated physicians.

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Efforts to engage older adults throughout Walworth County were part of the community-wide campaign. The comparison group included 68 other Aurora Health Care clinics located throughout southeastern Wisconsin.

For this study, the outcome measure was to have the same medications documented on both the clinic list and the patient list. Dose, frequency, and route of medication administration were not evaluated in the measurement.

The definition and measurement activities used in this study were based on a previously reported methodology.The home medication chart is the best way to understand which medicine suits the body best.

After being prescribed by the physician, the medicine is used and the side effects are noted. Medication Safety Week is April 1 -7, so here are seven activities for older adults to do each day to celebrate and stay safe.

Day 1: Round up your medications from the bathroom, kitchen, bedroom or wherever else you keep them. Type or hand write a list of all the medicines you take, including prescriptions, over-the-counter medications.


d) How often and what time of day you take the medication (example: 1 pill a day, in the morning, or 1 time per week) e) Reason for taking the medication (example: arthritis) f) For any additional information, such as: who prescribed the medication (example: my family doctor).

Keppra (levetiracetam) is an anti-epileptic drug, also called an srmvision.com is used to treat partial onset seizures in adults and children who are at least 1 month old..

Week 3 medication list

Keppra is also used to treat tonic-clonic seizures in people who are at least 6 years old, and myoclonic seizures in people who are at least 12 years old. Common Abbreviations Used in Medication Orders/Common Abbreviations Not to Be Used in Medication srmvision.com ( KB) Institute for Safe Medical Practices (ISMP) List of Error-Prone Abbreviations, Symbols, and Dose srmvision.com ( KB).

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