Thesis on career planning and development

Possible promotional opportunities for career growth While employed with Home Depot Direct YOWsome possible opportunities for career growth would be to join the Leadership Program. While in the leadership program, I can gain hands-on experience of the management staff at YOW. After completing the Leadership Program, I will be able to move into various management positions because of the experience.

Thesis on career planning and development

Employment Training and Organization Development — Methods and Benefits Training and organizational developments offers a variety of benefits as increase in: In addition, training and development are important aspects when coping with changes in technology and diversity within the company, and helps provide an opportunity and broad tructure for developing technical and behavioral skills while attaining personal growth Ansar, Additionally, the benefits of training to organizations strategy are an important factor to company success.

The need for training and required skills for efficient management of an organization must be available because of new technologies, the need for performance improvement, or as part of career development.

Furthermore, employee commitment is increased and training provides the organization multi skilled employees, therefore, with a better understanding of Jobs reducing accidents and saving money. Quality is one of the key features long-term required for survival Ansar, Staff training is an important requisite for total quality management and other management techniques to be successful in implementation.

In addition, training enhances skill level of workers and provides a sense of satisfaction an essential motivator. Another benefit to having trained employees is good customer relations is increased, customer satisfaction, and repeat business.

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In essence, better training reduces waste and machinery down time. Training increases productivity of employees and processes and good supervision with the proper training reduces costs related to waste and waiting time in the production process. Furthermore, a serious threat to an organization is high employee turnover, and training reduces staff turnover and helps a company retain staff; therefore, better training provides a company competitive advantage over others in the industry and increases an understanding of the organizational culture Ansar, Employee and rganizational development relationship The relationship between employee and organizational development are that the learning from each other with open communication sharing facts and feelings.

Decision-making is done by those with the most pertinent and direct knowledge.

Thesis on career planning and development

Customer needs are always first. Processes and structures are based on the current needs not the past, which makes organization development efficient and helps people. Consequently, employees are rewarded for their innovation and successes but not punished; therefore, innovation and engagement is high.

Human resource management HRM assists in determining how the company is going to accomplish their business strategy, which involves analyzing and forecasting talent part of strategic workforce planning.

Thesis on career planning and development

Taking a look at the best talent across an organization allows leaders to compare groups, identify trends, and customize management styles. Employees see a benefit when their responsibilities expand into different areas that include a career plan.

Consequently, HRM and career development involves focusing on hiring and developing employees versatile to Jump from one Job to the next. Rather than evaluating a candidate based on the Job description, organizations needs to evaluate what competencies the candidate demonstrates that will help organization remain competitive and create a flexible workforce ready for future staffing needs.

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Moreover, this saves the company from outside talent searches. Reflection — Personal Career Development Personal career development has always played a large part of my life and I believe there is value in being proactive. Proactive requests an open attitude about new challenges that has helped me to grow and led me to opportunities like working in human resources that I may never have considered.

In addition, I am proud to be where I am today in my career path and my active mind and attitude, and the need to be reliable has led me in this direction. Furthermore, I have had terrific mentors throughout my career path that helped to assist in keeping me focused on a career ath and in identifying opportunities.

The career development opportunities have been terrific at my company because they have encouraged me to obtain my degree in human resource management and are paying for my education. In addition, I am growing through learning and development by connecting my goals with my individual development plan Popular Essays.Career Planning Process and Its Role in Human Resource Development 15 The issues to be considered in the planning of career are: organization members should be recognized and treated as individuals with needs.

The career development opportunities have been terrific at my company because they have encouraged me to obtain my degree in human resource management and are paying for my education. In addition, I am growing through learning and development by connecting my goals with my individual development plan.

The Effects of Employee Development Programs on Job Satisfaction and Employee Retention (Title) In the s, career planning and development efforts were focused on young employees that seemed to have high potential.

It was a way for companies to plan for the. CAREER DEVELOPMENT As individuals everyone is interested in their own career, it’s very unlikely that a person will spend more years with a single employer, especially when their work life begins.

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Due to this career development is the responsibility of the employer. PDP - Personal Development Planning and Personal Development Plan PDP is defined as 'a structured and supported process undertaken by an individual to reflect upon their own learning, performance and/or achievement and to plan for their personal, educational and career development'.

PDP embraces a range of approaches to learning that connect. Career Counseling For Early Retirees And Layoff. A 15 page paper that begins with a proposal for what a company needs to offer in terms of career counseling and development for an early retirement plan and a layoff plan for middle managers.

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