Short biography keller

It began one bright, spring day in Puffy white clouds floated overhead on a background of blue, while birds fluttered through oaks and maples and flowers burst forth from the fertile soil in an array of colors—all unheard and unseen by a pretty girl of seven. The scene was repeated again and again as young Helen painstakingly struggled to break her world of silence.

Short biography keller

Biography yrs Reading Pod 1 Who is the wealthiest man in America and one of the most important, influential personalities in the modern world of computers and technology?

If you love computers you must know the big name- Bill Gates.


He is the co-founder of Microsoft. His father was a successful attorney and mother was a school teacher. He was a middle child with an elder and a younger sister.

His parents wanted him to become a lawyer but Bill was interested in computers from the very beginning. Bill studied at a private school where he became good friends with Paul Allen who had similar interests.

Short biography keller

Paul and Bill were computer geniuses and soon realised the potential for a booming computer industry. While still in high school, Bill, along with Paul, started a firm called Traf-O-Data and earned twenty thousand dollars.

Bill Gates was responsible for the first computer virus that ruined other programs and data. He was severely punished for that and was kept away from computers for a year, to concentrate on law school.

But nothing could keep him and Paul away from pursuing their love for computer software. The Beginning of Microsoft Gates dropped out of Harvard and wrote programs for the early Apple and Commodore machines.

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He, along with Paul, started Microsoft in It was in that IBM approached Gates and for help with a special project. It was a huge success as software developers moved rapidly to become compatible with the IBM computers.

MS-DOS has since then been the leader of all operating systems. In they introduced the Microsoft Windows Operating system which was compatible to run on a variety of PCs. In the yearthey formed a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation which is one of the largest charitable foundations in the world and aims at enhancing healthcare and reducing poverty in America.

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Your Helen Keller was an American author, political activist and lecturer. She was the first deaf – blind person to earn a Bachelor of Arts degree. Read more. The Story of My Life was written while Helen Keller, then in her early twenties, was a student at Radcliffe is a moving story of the education of a child with the extreme handicap of.

Our teachers are Masters in love, care and compassion! We have a highly experienced staff with qualifications in child education and development. Helen Churchill Candee was a single mother, a writer with early feminist leanings and a survivor of the RMS Titanic.

Learn more about her eventful life, at

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