Rebecca riots essays

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Rebecca riots essays

Source However other historians, such as Graham Longster, do not agree with the above statement. Although the tax was reformed, the issues of poor living conditions and the wide spread poverty were not resolved or improved by the actions of the rioters. Historians who disagree with the statement that quotes the riots were a success, like Graham Longster, argue that the majority of welsh people were trapped in poverty by the mainly English land owners like the owners of the Turn Pike Trust, and that the riots should have been the beginning for wide scale change and improvement in living conditions.

We will write a custom essay sample on Rebecca Riots or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not Waste HIRE WRITER Wales as a whole in the 19th century was largely reliant on its coal and iron production which was a very lucrative business, however almost all of the profits went to the land and company owners such as Marquess of Bute.

Due to this the workers were paid very low amounts, decreasing the overall living standards of welsh people. Early on in the s, there were wide spread movements similar the Rebecca riots, proving that the riots were not an isolated incident.

Movements like Chartism were popular, calling for bigger wide spread change, and in many cases this ended in violent protests Such as the Newport rising I Wales bore the brunt of the poverty, due to lack of jobs and poor wages for those few jobs, but England also had its fair share of uprisings, which again included Chartism.

Large numbers of violent protests broke out due to the poverty and living conditions. The government were not showing any sign of solving the problem and revolution was being talked about. Protests in Wales became increasingly violent, a good example of this was the Merthyr rising inwhere the ironworkers and there families took control of the town for four days, the town was eventually took back by the use of large numbers of soldiers.

I believe that this uprising captured the mood of the majority of people living in Great Britain at the time. The fact that a whole town held its own miniature revolution showed that the people and the times were beginning to get increasingly dispread for change.

Society had changed and people of Britain wanted fast improvements by any means. At the time there were different views on the riots and how successful they were. The view by the Marxists communist was and is that the riots were a joke and so did not take them seriously; they promoted the idea that the only way for change was full political revolution.

This believe is shadowed in the writings of modern day historian G A Williams and writing of Fredrich Engles co-author of the communist manifestoWho support the view that the Rebecca riots were unsuccessful and revolution is the only way to get political change.

The other side of the argument is with the liberals and their views. The liberal view of the Rebecca riots is and was that they were a complete success as they achieved their goal in gaining an enquiry which ended in the reform of the toll gate tax, as appose to the chartists who did not achieve anything of significance.

A modern day historian who supports this liberal view is David Williams, he argues that the reason the Rebecca riots were a success was due to the fact that the rioters got their goal as a result of peaceful means.

To allow my final answer to the question to be accurate I will organise this essay in to two categories, which will allow me to find clear information. The first category will consist of sources that support the view that the riots were a success, and the second category will consist of sources that disagree with the main question and argue that the riots were a failure.

I thought that I would start with a source written at the time to allow me to quickly understand the views held by Rebecca followers. I wish to give you notice, especially to those sworn in as constables in order to catch Becca and her children. I can assure you that it will be too hard for Bullin and company to finish the job that they began — to keep the gates up at Llanfihangel and [?

Now take these few lines as information for you to watch yourselves, you that had any connection with Bullin, Messrs M. Lics, Mr Thomas Blue Boar.

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The Brexit Syllabus: British History for Brexiteers – History Workshop How to Write a Summary of an Article? Rebecca riots They attacked the toll gates because they were tangible objects In which to release rustication.
How and Why Did The Rebecca Riots Develop Essay – Free Papers and Essays Examples Woodruff Professor of Law; Alonzo L.

All your property shall be burned in one night if they will not obey this notice. Send away those vagabonds which you are favourable to. I always like to be plain in all my dealings with people. Is it a reasonable thing that they impose so much on the country, only picking the pockets of poor labours and farmers?

All the gates that are on these small roads shall be destroyed. I am willing for the gates on the Queens Road to stand. It is a shameful thing for us Welshmen to have the sons of Hengist rule over us. Do you not remember the long knives which Hengist invented to kill our forefathers?

You may depend on it, you shall receive the same if you will not give up when I visit you, and that shall be in a short time. Now I give an order to leave the place before I come, for I am determined that I will have my way.

As for the constable and the policemen, Becca and her children pay no more attention to them than the grasshoppers which fly in the summer.

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There are others who are marked by Becca. They shall not be named now, but if they will not obey this notice, she shall call on them in a short time.

The first point I would like to make is that the letter was actually written at all, during this time the vast majority of the population were very poorly educated most had no education at all, due to this not many people could read let along write, this tells me that the letter must have been written by a educated man, probably from a wealthy background as they were the only people who could afford an educated.Rebecca riots essay.

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The Rebecca Riots From given information, I can see that before the Rebecca Riots, there was a history of violence in Rural Wales.

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How and Why Did The Rebecca Riots Develop specifically for you.

Rebecca riots essays

for only $/page. Order Now. Gwyn A. Williams names riots in , and due to shortages of food, and notes that Carmarthen had a history of disorder.

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