Real business plan for restaurant

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Real business plan for restaurant

But what happens when a relatively young CEO is killed in an accident or when an earthquake destroys a company's headquarters? Or, when a line of credit is unexpectedly cancelled?

There are practically an infinite number of things that can go wrong and negatively impact a business. There are even unexpectedly good things that can be disruptive -- a classic instance is the small business that gets a huge contract far beyond the company's current ability to fulfill it.

Documents called contingency plans lay out what should happen when one or more of these unexpected events occurs. Every business -- large or small -- needs them. Although each business must develop its own unique contingency plan, the following example of a contingency plan for a small independent SEC-registered financial advisory business illustrates some basic contingency plan elements.

Every contingency plan answers a question about a problem. In this instance, the SEC requires each Registered Investment Advisory firm to have on file plans that assure that the business can go forward and deal equitably with its client investors in the event that the head of the firm becomes unavailable through death, serious illness or accident.

The question is simply: How will the firm handle client needs when the head of the firm becomes unavailable? Data Availability The first thing the SEC requires is that there is will always be some means of clients being able to access their information in the firm's accounts, importantly the record of each client's current equity holdings, but also essential documentation related to tax advice and retirement planning.

The contingency plan deals with this need in two ways: It states that all client information is stored on the firm's primary computer and that the computer is backed up continuously on a separate local drive and on the cloud. Specific retrieval information is provided. It states that records of all client holdings are also maintained at the brokerage where the firm executes all trades, and that each client has unrestricted access to brokerage records.

This two-step data availability plan guarantees that if, the firm's building is destroyed, the information remains fully available offsite, both to the firm and, independently, to its clients. Since the firm's correspondent brokerage has the same SEC-mandated information availability obligation as the advisory firm, client records kept at the brokerage are also available at an offsite location maintained by the brokerage.

Thus, client records are stored and continuously maintained at at least four separate physical locations and on the cloud. The SEC also requires that each firm has in place an alternative means of communicating with clients.

Having alternative means available allows the firm to continue to handle client accounts in a timely way in the event of a catastrophe. In addition to the firm's email address and telephone number, the firm maintains a mailbox in another city and periodically reminds each of its clients of that alternative address.

The head of the firm also has a dedicated cell phone account separate from the firm's business telephone account or his personal cell number and makes sure that every client knows that independent number.

Alternate Communications Between Advisor and Employees In this small firm, only the principal has authority to trade on behalf of its clients; therefore an alternative means of communication between the principal advisor and a single clerical employee isn't required to ensure that the business can continue without interruption.

If the firm had multiple registered advisors handling client accounts, alternative communication means similar to those required for the principal advisor would be required and in place.Everything you wanted to know about writing a business plan, in one place—from the executive summary to appendix.

Get started writing your business plan. The Highway Commercial District zoning, allows for many varied uses, such as Business and Professional Offices, Equipment Sales, Warehousing, Wholesale House, Furniture Store, Auto Parts, and a Building Supply or Lumber Yard, a restaurant or a fast food restaurant, as a few examples.

Sample restaurant business plan prepared by Cayenne Consulting. Let us create a business plan for your bar or restaurant. % custom - no templates! Franchise Business Plan - Qualification for Discovery Days. For franchise candidates to be seriously considered at Discovery Day, applicants will be expected to fill out this business plan in its entirety.

A Business plan executive summary is the most important section of a business plan because it is the first thing an investor sees. This chapter will reveal you the basic necessities and data that must make up your business plan executive summary.

real business plan for restaurant

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Marketing plans are one of the most important aspects while running a business.

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