Pinterest writing activities 4th grade

Privacy Policy 4th Grade: Integrating Social Studies and Reading If you are an upper elementary teacher, particularly fourth or fifth grade, then you are aware of the massive amounts of content that teachers are required to teach and students are required to master in the area of social studies.

Pinterest writing activities 4th grade

Posts can be about things tried in the classroom or at home! Interactive Notebooks This year I have completely changed how my students organize their writing journals. After spending a lot of time reading posts this summer about interactive journals, I purchased some amazing products during the TPT back to school sale of course!

Here are some of the most helpful resources for interactive notebooks that I purchased. It aligns to the Common Core for grades I love that this resource has above and beyond what I will need for teaching 4th grade. On Saturday, I wrote a post about using her figurative language student pages for similes here.

I love how this product also has editable templates for the interactive lessons!

pinterest writing activities 4th grade

I edited this template in Powerpoint to include the six types of figurative language that I want my 4th graders to learn. It was so easy to customize it for my pinterest writing activities 4th grade. Under each strip, we are recording the definition.

Then, each example of figurative language has its own separate page in the notebook with a further example and song lyrics that incorporate the figurative language.

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Students color coded each strip to match the figurative language posters that I purchased from I'm Lovin Lit to display in my room. This poster set actually included 57 posters on various topics!

I also invested in the Interactive Writing Notebooks but am still exploring this huge resource! This is the table of contents for the reading notebook: I forgot to take pictures of the activities we have used from the reading notebook, but will add some later.

I haven't used the language notebook resources yet. One more resource that I have tried is the Interactive Language Arts Notebook companion to mentor sentences. See a detailed post here about how I have incorporated mentor sentences in my classroom. I also show how I have divided my students' journals into two sections.

The back of the journal is for grammar notes and mentor sentences. The students use the beginning of the journals for two separate Table of Contents, one for the front and one for the back. Here are some pictures of the foldable for singular and plural possessives from my students' notebooks.

What is my favorite part of using interactive journals this year? Students are really taking ownership of their journals and using them as a resource! They take them out to look up information at random times. The interactive piece really seems to stick with them.

pinterest writing activities 4th grade

What is something that I wish I could change? It has only been seven weeks and there has been such an improvement.

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Following directions is also getting better but I still often have that one student in each class who will not listen to directions and cut the paper wrong, therefore, having to start over.

The time is definitely worth it when I see students using their notebooks though! If you are trying it for the first time, persevere.Find Free Lessons & Video Writing Prompts for all grades, Online Learning Activities, Field Trip Tips & more. Much of the 4th grade writing curriculum focuses on developing writing, specifically so that it has clarity and structure and uses reasons, facts and, details to support and strengthen students’ arguments.

Fourth graders are taught to organize their writing, ensure that it has a flow, and group. Activities for ages 3 to 8. These 15 end of the year activities are sure to kick off summer break in roundup of our favorite games, gifts and activities from across the web will make the end of the year extra special for .

Fun fact with the Lorax from Fourth Grade Frolics via Teachers Notebook. Writing prompt from The Teaching Bug. I like the activities and I especially want to do the tree activity (dicussing the author’s purpose, naming the characters, problem and solution.) Latest on Pinterest.

Summer Bridge Activities: 4th Grade to 5th Grade [Julia Ann Hobbs, Carla Dawn Fisher, Michele D. Van Leeuwen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Written and endorsed by educators, over curriculum based activities to help maintain what the child has learned and preview the new grade.

The Gold Rush What Was it Like? 4th Grade Lucia Costa Sandra Oliveira EDMC May 5, 2 It integrates reading, writing, math, geography, technology, art, music, drama, science, physical education, and much more. Language arts activities include multicultural literature, creative writing, and persuasive.

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