Personal watercraft aka jet skis

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Personal watercraft aka jet skis

Subagent fee if filing at any licensing office except a county auditor: Department of Licensing P. Box Olympia, WA More information with regards to registration and titling applications may also be obtained by contacting your local county auditor or the Department of Licensing at ANS are also called invasive species or non-native species.

Because ANS have no naturally occurring enemies that would keep them in check, these plants or animals can out compete and feed on native species.

Personal watercraft aka jet skis

These species threaten the diversity or abundance of native species, the economic, agricultural and recreational activities that depend on our native species and water quality. Both plants and animals are spread in a variety of ways: Introducing non-native species into Washington can upset the balance of the ecosystem, hurting the environment.

Always do a walk-around inspection after cleaning the prop area and bottom of the Personal watercraft aka jet skis at the launch area before leaving with your boat.

Where available, pressure washing the hull and motor parts exposed to the water is advised.

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Note that some species especially zebra mussels get into tight areas and may be over looked. You can help prevent the introduction and spread of non-native species from one body of water to another.

Inspect your boat and remove aquatic plants or animals before you leave any body of water. Flush raw-water cooling systems and clean sea strainers before moving your boat from one body of water to another.

Empty bait buckets and remove any plant fragments from bait wells, fishing gear, trailers, dive gear or props. Dispose of the plant fragments on land, in a garbage receptacle. Drain water from your motor, live wells and bilge. Wash your boat before putting it into a new body of water Report any new infestation of non-native aquatic species to the U.

This has become a real as well as a critical issue. One animal is a colonial tunicate called Didemnum; the other two are solitary tunicates that have taken over certain areas to the exclusion of other species.

The smallest piece of the colony a half inch square or less can reproduce and form a new colony. It tends to get on docks, boats, aquaculture lines and cages.

It is really nasty, and reproduces rapidly. Anyone who spends more than a day or two in those harbors needs to have their boats cleaned. The third species, Ciona saviginy, may be moved on boats - it is present at Eagle Harbor and Des Moines marinas. We are seeing it taking over geoduck beds on S.

What are the Washington Boat license requirements for boat operators? Since being signed into law in MayWashington State has gradually phased in mandatory boating education for all boaters in the state.

Beginning inWashington state boating laws made boating education mandatory for all boaters under 20 years of age. When the final phase of the law comes into effect inall boaters over the age of 12 will be required to have a Boater Education Card, sometimes called a boat license. What kind of boats require the operator to have a Washington Boater Education Card?

All watercraft which have a motor larger than 15 horsepower require the operator to carry a valid Boater Education Cardincluding personal watercraft such as jet skis. The law does not require operators of manual-powered watercraft, such as kayaks, canoes, rowboats and sail-only boats, to obtain a boater education card.

A Boater Education Card is not required: If you were born before January 1st, If your watercraft has a motor smaller than 15 horsepower. If you hold a valid U. If you are not a resident of Washington state and holds a current out-of- state or out-of- country certificate or card that is equivalent to the rules adopted in Washington.

If you are not a resident of Washington state and do not operate a motor driven boat or vessel with an engine power of 15 horsepower or greater in state waters for more than 60 consecutive days.Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs aka Life Jackets) Washington State requires at least one U.S.

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Coast Guard approved Type IV PFD (ring buoy OR seat cushion) on all recreational boats in excess of 16 feet in length, in ADDITION to the wearable PFD required for each person onboard.

Frequently Asked Questions on Boat Registrations Abstract: Boating season is finally here! Checkout some of the questions the DMV has from other customers that may help you to register your personal watercraft.

Personal watercraft, also known by the more familiar name of jet ski, have become an extremely popular water sport vehicle for use on lakes and waterways. They are a great source of recreation on the water and have become an alternate method of towing.

Frequently Asked Questions on Boat Registrations Abstract: Boating season is finally here! Checkout some of the questions the DMV has from other customers that may help you to register your personal watercraft.

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