Nutrition and health worksheet essay

Introduction to Sociology Instructor:

Nutrition and health worksheet essay

If a link is not working to follow the steps on the FAQ page. Science is the collection of observations made about the world.

When something is being observed, there are basic assumptions being made. If your basic assumption is that the oceans have a Creator you would draw different conclusions than those who assume no creator. Scientists come to different conclusions because they are using different lenses to look at the question.

The base of this course, Oceanography, assumes no Creator and a millions of year old earth. I also believe in a literal 6-day creation and so believe the earth is young, relatively speaking.

Nutrition and health worksheet essay

Read the introduction and copy down the key terms. Leave room for writing definitions.

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Tell someone which you are most interested in and why. Read about ocean basins. Smart people agree with you! Talk to your parents about what you read.

Write in the definition of basin. Look at the map on the page. Where is it the most shallow? Where is it deepest? Pacific What percent of the Earth is covered with water?

Nutrition and health worksheet essay

Fill in definitions on your key terms list. Do some online research to learn more about one of the men listed. Write a paragraph on what you learned. Record 5 points for a complete paragraph.

Day 3 Draw a to scale map of something. It can be your desk add symbols and a key and show where the computer is, the lamp, the pencil… ; it could be your room, your yard… Measure and divide to draw to scale.

Add symbols and a key. Make sure to include your scale. Day 4 Read about ocean resources. Always add in definitions when you come across them. Based on what you have read and learned so far, answer each question for thought in separate, complete paragraphs.New Eden School offers comprehensive courses in the science of Naturopathy for the formation of the Naturopathic health professionals.

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