How to write a rock song for a band

Share via Email Waxing lyrical … Can you imagine the crowd singing your words back at you? Well, they didn't say it in those words exactly, but hey, I'm allowed to embellish. In particular they requested for information on how we write songs. I aim to please, so here's a guide to our songwriting methods … When you get an idea, get it down Ideas for songs often come when you're walking back from the supermarket, or about to fall asleep.

How to write a rock song for a band

Army during the Vietnam War. It is also often mistakenly attributed to the st Airborne Division - in which Cantrell's father served - who wore shoulder sleeve insignia on their arms featuring a bald eagle. As there are no bald eagles in Vietnamthe closest thing to which the Vietnamese could draw a comparison was the chicken, thus leading to the pejorative "chicken men.

It was the start of the healing process between my Dad and I from all that damage that Vietnam caused. This was all my perception of his experiences out there. The first time I ever heard him talk about it was when we made the video and he did a minute interview with Mark Pellington and I was amazed he did it.

He was totally cool, totally calm, accepted it all and had a good time doing it.

how to write a rock song for a band

It even brought him to the point of tears. He said it was a weird experience, a sad experience and he hoped that nobody else had to go through it. He's heard this song.

how to write a rock song for a band

He's only seen us play once, and I played this song for him when we were in this club opening for Iggy Pop. I'll never forget it. He was standing in the back and he heard all the words and stuff.

How To Write A Rock Song That Thrills Your Fans And Blows Your Mind!

Of course, I was never in Vietnam and he won't talk about it, but when I wrote this it felt right And I remember when we played it he was back by the soundboard and I could see him. He was back there with his big gray Stetson and his cowboy boots — he's a total Oklahoma man — and at the end, he took his hat off and just held it in the air.

And he was crying the whole time. This song means a lot to me. That experience in Vietnam changed him [his father] forever, and it certainly had an effect on our family, so I guess it was a defining moment in my life, too.

But on Rooster, I was trying to think about his side of it — what he might have gone through. It felt like a major achievement for me as a young writer. And he told me: It meant a lot to him that I wrote it. It brought us closer. It was good for me in the long-run and it was good for him, too.

Jerry Cantrell's father was a consultant on the video, as it explores Cantrell Jr. The uncut more graphic version of the video is available on the home video release Music Bank: The intense combat scenes for the video were actually filmed on location in Angeles National Forest in January and have been favorably compared to Oliver Stone's classic Vietnam War film Platoon.

Elliott, who is right-handed, had to learn how to handle multiple combat weapons left handed for the production in order to match the real Cantrell Sr.

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The military weapons and gear used and worn by the actors in the video are not all period-authentic. The M16A2 is used which was not used until the sas well as the Nomex flight gloves which were not used until well into the Vietnam War.

Dale Dye provided Elliott with some of his own personal combat gear which Dye had actually worn during multiple tours in Vietnam, including his military watch and map light, among other items. Jon Gries's character is shown being shot in the chest during intense combat with North Vietnamese infantry troops and dying in the arms of Elliott's "Rooster" character in the final emotionally charged combat scenes of the video.

Also featured are scenes of a group of children playing with bubbles. Real life combat veterans have often commented about how moving and realistic these scenes were, yet MTV initially pulled the controversial video from rotation due to complaints about the graphic nature of the war scenes.

Don't try to write a hit

Alice in Chains performed an acoustic version of "Rooster" for its appearance on MTV Unplugged in and the song was included on the Unplugged live album and home video release.

Live performances of the song can also be found on the " Heaven Beside You " single, the compilation album Nothing Safe: Best of the Boxand the live album Live. Jerry Cantrell reacts by throwing a bottle at Claypool and chasing him off the stage.If you use the techniques I’m about to share with you, you will be able to easily write rock songs that will seriously blow your mind!.

How do I know this? Well, because I’ve personally had this experience with the ideas I’m about to show you, as well as many thousands of musicians who I’ve taught the methods to.

Don't Stop Believin': The Man, the Band, and the Song that Inspired Generations [Jonathan Cain] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From One of the Greatest Bands in History Comes a Reminder to Never Give Up Hope.

In this long-awaited memoir. Musician biographies are deceptively difficult to write. Your band biography is your way of introducing yourself to both fans and music industry types. You need to strike the right balance between providing useful information and going into so much detail no one makes it past the first paragraph.

One is more psychedelic/jazzy and in that band we write by jamming for extended periods of time (usually 30 min - 75 min chunks), recording those improvised jams, then going back and listening through to find what we like, then reworking those parts as needed to structure the song.

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Rock, Write and Record band is a class where students have the unique opportunity to learn how to write and play music with others in a band setting. Lots of songwriting, collaboration, and learning what it takes to play in a band.

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