Herbert wendt a german science writer

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Herbert wendt a german science writer

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To view a complete, regularly-updated listing of my Starsteeds blog's poetry and other lyrical writings each one instantly clickableplease click HERE! One of the least-known members of this diverse array, however, is also among of the most fascinating — the giant black unicorn of Siberia.

For this spectacular creature is not only of interest to students of animal mythology but may have significant cryptozoological relevance too.

herbert wendt a german science writer

This notoriously belligerent beast would charge at any Evenk rider that it spied, tossing the unfortunate man into the air if it could reach him, and spearing him when he fell back down to earth until he died. Moreover, its horn was so large and heavy that if one of these mega-unicorns were killed, the horn alone needed an entire sledge to transport it.

Could this awesome but ostensibly fictitious animal have been inspired at least in part by a living species? The Lungfish, the Dodo, and the Unicorn Pursuing a suggestion originally put forward by Alexander Brandt and Norman Lockyer in a Nature paper of 8 Augustin his book The Lungfish, the Dodo, and the Unicorn veteran cryptozoological writer Willy Ley presented a fascinating line of speculation as to the possible origin of the Evenk people's traditional lore concerning giant black unicorns of ferocious demeanour: In Russia and in Siberia bones and skulls of an extinct distant relative of the rhinoceros were discovered.

This animal, Elasmotherium sibiricum, seemed to resemble the ancient reports [of unicorns] even more than does the living rhinoceros. It was noticeably larger than the largest Indian rhinoceros, its horn was much longer and was actually situated in the middle of the forehead of the animal.

But after the first excitement had subsided, most scientists abandoned the idea that Elasmotherium had anything to do with the unicorn legend. However, as Melchior Neumayr wrote in his History of the Earth: The last member of its genus, it is believed to have survived in Siberia until at leastyears ago but quite possibly as late as 50, years ago, during the late Pleistocene epoch and definitely as recently as 26, years ago in Kazakhstan, thanks to the discovery there of Elasmotherium skull fragments, made public in March Consequently, this makes the hypothesis of survival for a time by this species alongside modern man in Siberia as outlined above by Ley neither impossible nor even overly implausible.

An earlier species, E. And indeed, Elasmotherium is commonly referred to informally by this exact name - the giant unicorn. Nor is the huge black unicorn of Evenk lore the only evidence that has been put forward in support of the postulated if currently-unproven late survival of Elasmotherium and its contemporaneous, pre-extermination existence alongside humanity in Asia.

Intwo additional Elasmotherium species were formally named — E.D-L Alvarez thinks like a writer. Each piece segues into the next like chapters in an evocative but fragmentary novel, weaving non-narrative stories that buzz with human presence but in which no human appears. Alvarez's personal vocabulary refers to the natural world and its uneasy infiltration of.

Herbert Wendt, a German freelance writer with several books to his credit on the origin of species and man in particular, summarizes much of the data of geology and paleontology in this encyclopedic volume, He begins his chronicle with a short account of a remarkable seventeenth century Dane.

Sep 06,  · List of political scientists Political science is the systematic study of governance by the application of empirical and generally scientific methods of analysis. This is a list of political scientists organized alphabetically by place of origin or residence.


German national Michael Gross is a freelance science writer based in the U.K. who has newsprint experience in heavyweights like the German daily Süddeutsche Zeitung, and the U.K.'s Guardian. Nigeria; How Yoruba art dazzled the Europeans; Herbert Wendt, a German science writer, said it all: "modern ethnologists have found the art of the Yorubas so astonishingly high in quality that they did not [at first] ascribe it to a Negro race.".

William Wendt: Plein Air Painter of California.

herbert wendt a german science writer

by Will South. Introduction. William Wendt () painted a California-one of immense poppy fields, uninterrupted forest, and vacant, sun-startled coastline-that no longer exists.

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