Bristol zoo business objectives

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Bristol zoo business objectives

Animal exhibits[ edit ] Seal and Penguin Coasts is a major attraction at the zoo; opened init allows South American fur seals and African penguins to be watched both above and below the water. The exhibit has a large net over the top to allow Inca terns and common eiders to be kept in the same enclosure.

Forest of Birds opened in May and features exotic plants and free-flying birds from south-East Asia. Gorilla Island is home to a family of western lowland gorillaswhich are the largest animals kept at Bristol Zoo. In FebruaryKera's first baby Afia was born after an emergency caesarean section.

In AprilTouni gave birth to baby Ayana. As well as an indoor house, they have a large island. Despite the gorilla's herbivorous diet, keepers do not enter the same space as the apes. This is because not only is there a great risk of injury with these powerful primates, but they also want to let the gorillas socialize on their own without human interference.

The Top Terrace is one of the oldest parts of the zoo. It is home to a pair of Asiatic lions, keasred pandasLivingstone's fruit bats and flamingos. Twilight World was the first such exhibit to offer the daytime visitor the chance to view the twilight behaviour of nocturnal animals. By exchanging night and day, the animals which are awake during their 'night' can be observed during daylight hours.

The lights allow a natural transition from night to day and vice versa. Twilight world is split into four zones: The Reptile House houses a collection of reptiles and amphibians. The house itself is heated and gives a sense of the heat of the rainforest.

There are three sections to the house: Desert Gila monstersgeckos and tortoisesRainforest dwarf crocodilesterrapins and snakes and the Rearing Room where visitors can view the raising of reptiles and amphibian and also learn about the zoo's conservation work. Outside, but still considered part of the reptile house, is a giant tortoise and rhinoceros iguana enclosure where the animals have access to a heated indoor house and an outdoor enclosure.

The Aquarium has around 70 species of fish. The aquarium has three sections: The Amazon River catfishpacu and piranhaAfrica chiclids and the coral reef seahorsescorals and various species of fish.

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On the outside of the building there is a water sculpture. There are several exhibits of conservation significance on view. Notably, there is a display of endangered cichlids from Lake Barombi Mbo in Cameroon and a display of goodeids from Mexico and paddlefish and alligator gar from North America.

Bug World, the zoo's collection of invertebratesincludes species such as Partula snails, stick and leaf insectscorals and peacock mantis shrimp. Other displays include tarantulasblack widow spidersgiant millipedeshoney beesleaf-cutting ants and Lord Howe Island stick insects.

Zona Brazil has a variety of primate species; an enclosure for golden lion tamarins and goeldi's marmoset. There is a nearby enclosure and island for golden-headed lion tamarins as well as an enclosure for the titi monkey.

As part of the walk-through there are also a variety of bird species and three linked paddocks for tapirs and capybaras. Monkey Jungle opened in featuring four new exhibits replacing the old monkey house.

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An enclosure is home to crowned lemurs and ring-tailed lemurs where visitors can walk in with the lemurs without any boundaries. The other enclosures are home to brown spider monkeys and lion-tailed macaques.

There is also a nearby enclosure for two-toed sloths and six-banded armadillos. The islands opposite Gorilla Island house a family of squirrel monkeysa pair of agile gibbons and also golden-headed lion tamarins. The Butterfly House is made up of an undercover walk-through in a sustainably-heated, climate-controlled polytunnel.

Species on show include the blue morpho butterfliesglasswingsleopard lacewings and atlas moths. The exhibit is linked to sustainable butterfly producers in Costa Rica. The zoo also supports work to protect the rare silky wave moth in Avon Gorge.Eventbrite, and certain approved third parties, use functional, analytical and tracking cookies (or similar technologies) to understand your event preferences and provide you with a customised experience.

Latest breaking news and updates from Bristol and around the UK, with pictures, video, live blogs and more. Nowadays, zoos play a much bigger part in the conservation of our natural world. Twycross Zoo is at the forefront of conservation, education and research, and has a strong commitment to its award winning education programme which aims to increase the level of awareness, knowledge and understanding of visitors about our animals and their plight in the wild.

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Bristol zoo business objectives

The relationship between mission and objectives Common business objectives Why businesses set objectives The measurement and importance of profit The measurement of profit should include: • revenue (also turnover and sales) • fixed costs • variable costs • total costs.

Aug 13,  · At Bristol Zoo Gardens you can enjoy an amazing world of animals, all within our award-winning 12 acre gardens. With over species and 9 animals houses under cover, you'll enjoy your visit whatever the weather.4/4(K).

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