Berjaya group business plan

The data is gained from research into the Company's Customer and Distribution Channel Bases as well as those of the other major competitors in each of the Trade Cell markets. The forecasted performance of Berjaya Corporation is a function of that company's strengths and weaknesses in relation to that of its competitors. This function and the conclusions thereof drawn are projected from the various forecasts contained below.

Berjaya group business plan

It is a home-based business. Most meetings with clients are conducted in social settings, such as restaurants, coffee houses, the client's home, facilities wishing to be used for the event, or over the phone. The company will maintain a high degree of professionalism.

All offices are equipped with the latest in business technology, such as telephone systems, computers, fax machines, email, duplicators, printers, and software. Each location will have a secure storage area for supplies and equipment used in events, such as walkie-talkies, cellular phones, portable fax machines, and laptops.

Party Pack The Party Pack is a complete kit for any party. It includes decorations, lighting effects guide, disposable theme cameras, cutlery, plates, napkins, cups, punch mix or recipesnack supplies or recipetablecloths, theme music where applicableinvitations, thank-you cards, and a step-by-step guide to planning, putting together,and hosting the event.

Step-by-Step Guides These booklets include a calendar to map out the event, a step-by-step guide on what is needed for and how to put together a successful, worry-free event, resource information, popular refreshments with recipes, games, and tips to put their event in the record books.

The events available include birthdays for all ages, meetings, retreats, parties, vacations, and special occasion celebrations such as graduations, holidays, showers, weddings, and receptions.

Event Planning Software Due to be released Junethis cutting-edge tool will allow the client all the resources and visual aids for their event planning. They will be able to play with decoration themes, listen to theme music, design invitations, thank-you cards, and RSVP cards, use the interactive planning calendar, and much more.

This software will bring their event into the millennium with cutting edge technology that is designed to save time and money. Resources Manual This valuable guide acts as a review for all the resources located in the surrounding area.

A ranking is given to the various services, such as caterers, decorators, disc jockeys, bands, and facilities. This manual gives the client the freedom of making a choice based on experience. Ten hours each month will be devoted to training area students in event planning.

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This will aid them in planning proms, graduation parties, river clean-ups, homecoming, and other important events. We guarantee satisfaction in the areas of appearance, performance, and taste. The following is a sampling of the types of events we plan every year: Meetings, Trainings, and Retreats.

Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations and Holidays. Weddings, Receptions, and Showers. Company picnics, banquets, and award ceremonies. Our systems for event planning have been drawn up, evaluated, practiced, worked, and reworked to ensure the maximum efficiency while minimizing the possibility of error.

We employ local vendors who have the same desire to be the best at what they do, while providing un-matchable services. Thus, we give back to the community by providing jobs outside of our organization. Our products will serve the function of aiding those that cannot afford the cost of an event planner.

berjaya group business plan

We wish to make our event planning tips available to those who need a helping hand. We care about the things that have meaning in the lives of our neighbors. Individuals as well as organizations demand the services we provide. In order to provide the greatest depth of information, the market segments have been broken down into private and public organizations, and age groups.

Private Organizations and Businesses Private organizations make up the single largest portion of Occasions' client base. Private organizations such as businesses, corporations, and political parties host the most events on the largest scales, therefore, these events generate larger revenues per event.

The majority of larger scale holiday functions will fall under this segment. Public Organizations Government agencies host many events every year. Occasions hopes to alleviate the pressure of event planning for public employees.

The second single largest segment, the public sector, can save money and give back to its community at the same time. These events are moderate in scale with middle to low revenues generated.

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Emphasis is placed on the visibility of the event for public viewing. The majority of organizational family functions will fall under this segment. Persons under the age of twenty-four 24 using an event planner are rare at best.

We hope to tap the early college graduates who have begun their professional careers but have not yet started their families.

These events will focus mainly on themes with moderate to high energy appeal.Jun. Berjaya (Malaysia) Nov. Fiba Sigorta (Turkey) May Tenet (Singapore) of accelerating the group’s growth further.

3 Group’s Key Indicator 38 FY FY FY(E) To be Prospect of the Final Year of Mid-Term Management Plan 1. Trend of business . Berjaya Corporation Bhd is listed on Bursa Malaysia, being one one of Malaysia's largest companies with interests in consumer marketing, property development and investment, gaming, financial services, automobile distribution and other businesses.

Berjaya Park (Berjaya Industrial Park) Berjaya Park (earlier known as Berjaya Industrial Park) is a coordinated private, business and Mechanical Township settled in Shah Alam. Sprawling more than section of land of freehold area, it is deliberately situated in the middle of Subang Jaya and Klang.

Berjaya Group News. Find breaking news, commentary, and archival information about Berjaya Group From The tribunedigital-sunsentinel. entitlement description: restricted offering of 19,, new ordinary shares of rm each in berjaya auto berhad (“bautoâ€) (“issue sharesâ€) to the entitled shareholders of berjaya corporation berhad (“bcorporationâ€) (as defined herein) in conjunction with .

KUALA LUMPUR: Bejaya Group plans to build an airport in Pulau Tioman, Pahang costing up to RM billion. Group executive chairman Tan Sri Vincent Tan announced today that it would submit the proposal to the government.

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