An analysis of the marketing mix on the black sheep brewery

Masham is an ancient trading place for sheeps. That is reflected in the name of the brewery. The founder is Paul Theakston today managing directorthe fifth generation of a famous Masham brewer family.

An analysis of the marketing mix on the black sheep brewery

An analysis of the marketing mix on the black sheep brewery

Interpreting the data 5. Solving the problem In order to find the best potential market for the brewery the author has to examine the different potential countries in consideration of their accessibility, market size and profitability. Furthermore recommendations due to the market choice, the market entry strategy and the marketing mix will be given.

Its product portfolio consists of four different types of beer: In the next chapter, these markets will be analysed and one of them will be selected as a recommendation for the brewery. The national beer markets approach saturation, therefore many beer brewers, Black Sheep Brewery is among them, are expanding internationally.

Furthermore, the key developing markets in Asia-Pacific are likely to maintain economy driven and especially microbreweries will develop niche and speciality beers to meet the consumers demand and needs in different beer varieties.

Abbildung in dieser Leseprobe nicht enthalten 2. Analysis of the External Environment To analyse the critical micro environmental issues and influences within the external environment which affect an organisation, several approaches can be used.

Moreover, the capabilities of Black Sheep to cope with the challenges of the foreign market have to be taken into consideration. Market Choice- Recommendation As mentioned above, the consultant investigated all countries leaving out the fact that Black Sheep already markets its beer in all of the considered countries except South Africa.

After careful analysis and evaluation of all relevant information of the countries the consultant has come to the following results: South Africa is a middle income country with an emerging economy and good GDP growth rates. Although an increase of the value of the South African beer market is predicted www.

Moreover, there exist to many risks: As the major competitor is SAB Miller with a market share of Additionally, the fact of its inadequate infrastructure and technology and the instable political situation are bearing further risks for the Black Sheep Brewery.

Spain is presenting a very strong economy with a total beer consumption of 3. However, it still poses potential risks and difficulties such as the new imposed tax system, low productivity growth and a high inflation rate. The interests rates for investments in Spain are compared to the other countries very high and are expected to further increase.

Additionally, is the beer industry in Spain a very competitive one and in contrast to the consumption of wine etc, the beer consumption is expected to decrease. Quebec beer market is totally different from the beer market in Vancouver and therefore the time and resources needed to penetrate it.

It is not only the 2nd technologically powerful economy and the 3rd largest economy in general but also the 6th largest consumer of beer.

Japan also has consistent GDP and economy growth rates, a high rising per capita income and a very low inflation rate. Although, those factors are compensated by the fact that the laws, concerning the selling and consumption of alcohol, are liberal and that interest rates are low.

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